KBC Helpline Number Mumbai

This is the official website of KBC Helpline Number Mumbai. The supervisor’s number is 00917428461793. You can call anytime for finding information about lottery winning and registration.

KBC Lottery Number Check

From this website, you can check about your winning status of KBC Lottery. All information of indian cellular sims are stored in our database. You just need to check whether you have won KBC Lottery Lucky Draw or not.

KBC Helpline Number Main website is providing you a form in which you have to enter your phone number and lottery number if you have received any lottery number. If your status is “Lottery Not Found” it means you haven’t won any KBC Lottery Lucky Draw. If you want to participate KBC Lottery Lucky Draw go to the contact us page and add your details our supervisor will call you soon.

KBC Helpline Number Mumbai

kbc head office number

We have divided our main KBC head office into a sub-head office for the benefit and facilitation of the beloved customers. Some of them head office have situated in other cities. Each subhead is performing the role of the main head office. Our representative of KBC is present them in any case. Each department is performing its best role. It’s a basic head of the department of KBC which is for native people of Mumbai. The customers of this city can get trustworthy information easily. Our toll free head office number is present on the page, please get and, dial it .you may get information until you want to end the call. There are no time limits. Our representative is bound to deal with customers politely. No need for rashness, you may get peacefully what you desire regarding the lottery. You may get information about registration, lottery ticket, and real information. Mumbai head office is not bound to a regional area. Everyone can call from other cities or province and districts.

KBC Lottery Winners List 2021

kbc lottery winner list

Our customers, KBC makes available a chance to all Indians to link KBC to gain KBC lottery, money, or award that one a chance to conversion your lifecycle don’t omission it. You are able to as well gain the prime awards or money from KBC our lineup will call or text you. You must be prepared you will be the next one. You are able to as well join KBC by calling on certain KBC Head Office numbers or text us on KBC WhatsApp Number.

NoWinner NameLottery AmountLottery NumberMobile Number
1Mr. Anurag Kapoor25,00,00022468671******029
2Ms. Mansi Sinha25,00,0007788231******156
3Mr. Gurdeep Singh25,00,0003434789******321
4Mr. Jadhav25,00,00017234421******907
5Mr. Manish Mishra25,00,0009900678******821
6Ms. Priya Kumar25,00,00044111181******290
7Ms. Roshni25,00,00006777236******741

How to find KBC Head Office Helpline Number?​

You can find easily KBC Head Office Helpline Numbers. We are using WhatsApp services for contacting customers to play and win 25 Lakh cash prizes. This is our official website for KBC Helpline for contacting our customers. There are a lot of websites working as Fake KBC Head Office Helpline Numbers. Don’t go to those websites they are scammers and frauds who are charging taxes from people about the lottery and never transfer the winning cash prize. These are our official KBC Head Office Helpline Numbers

You can click on any one of these numbers and talk with our managers. They will guide you about everything. Make sure, don’t use any other fake websites for lottery information. This is the only site on which you can get original KBC Head office Helpline Numbers.

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